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A Stunning Night for the Parnelli Awards – See Who Won

January 29, 2024
Michael and Jim Brammer

Michael Brammer presented his father Jim Brammer with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

ANAHEIM, CA – For the 22nd year, the professionals backstage who make the biggest concert tours happen were praised, honored, awarded. Not surprising the crew, companies, and creatives who supported the year’s biggest tours – Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Luke Combs, P!nk – received multiple awards. U2 at Sphere also had multiple nominations and took home two awards.

The show took place during NAMM at the Anaheim Convention Center. It started out with one of the three lifetime achievement awards, the Visionary, going to pioneering video director Carol Dodds, who since the 1970s has worked with our greatest artists including Bruce Springsteen, U2, and Jimmy Buffett. “I get to have the fun job, but it’s all the people who work with me that makes the vision work,” she said on receiving her award.

Tour Manager/Accountant David “5.1” Norman had the first of four “of the year” segments handing out awards on Lighting Director of the Year (Carter Fulghum for Shinedown), and the transportation awards and others. He ended on something he’s particularly passionate about, and that’s mentoring. There were six young professionals honored as “NextGens Class of ‘23” and Sam Boone, an Audio System Tech, took home that honor.

Patti Conners Thurston presented the Carol Dodds

Patti Conners Thurston presented Carol Dodds with the Visionary Award for her work in video.

Longtime Front of House Engineer Jim Ebdon handed out the next set of awards starting with System Tech of the Year, going to Krysten Dean and Mark Brnich for their work with Beyoncé. The other two presenters were lighting designer/programmer Vanessa Arcioga who was member of  the “Parnelli NextGen Class of ’22, and Stuart Ross, long time tour manager, tour account, and festival producer.

Many Memorable Moments

Terry Lowe, Parnelli Awards executive producer and founder of PLSN and FOH magazines, started the show welcoming the sold out crowd. “I am humbled to know all of you are here; whether this is your first or 22nd year attending the Parnell Awards, believe in the validity these awards represent,” he said.  “Little did we know, when Patrick Stansfield and I envisioned the Parnelli Awards 20-plus years ago, we would be here over two decades later, presenting these awards to deserving individuals and companies in our industry.” He then showed a clip from ten years prior of Stansfield that was both touching and poignant. (He passed in 2014.)

Carol Dodds, the second woman to receive a Parnelli Lifetime Honor and the second in video, took the stage and gave a heartfelt speech. “It was quite a surprise to get that call from Marshall… especially given those who have already received this recognition. Its quite a leap for “the girl who works for See Factor.” On winning Sound Company of the Year, Sound Image’s Dave Shadoan, simply raised the award and said, “for Jimmy,” in reference to the sudden loss this year of long time client and good friend Jimmy Buffett. When it was Buford Jones’ time to step up for his Lifetime Achievement Award for his work as an audio engineer, his speech was equal parts emotional and comedic as he did what he does best – which is tell funny stories from the road. “There is a focus on young people getting in this incredible business – go for it. Entertainment began with caveman beating on a rock and dancing around that rock, and drew a crowd. And the next night, somebody from another cave came up and said, ‘hey, where’s that dude? That was good I want to check that out again.’”

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Sam Boone, NextGen Recipient.

Ken “Pooch” Van Druten took Front of House Engineer of the year for his work with Iron Maiden. “This is amazing you know working for a band that has been around 48 years and only being in my mid 50s is amazing because I was a fan before I got to work with them.” He ended by thanking his wife for “holding down the whole thing while I’m gone, and I couldn’t do it without her.” The newest award, Media Content Creator of the Year, was for the second time in a row taken home by Treatment Studios. Willie Williams, Co-Founder at Treatment said: “For a company that originated in London, to win this US award two years in a row is very gratifying. Thank you all.”

Helen Himmons, production manager for Ed Sheeran was a first time Parnelli nominee and winner. “A huge thank you … in our industry it’s rarely about individuals,” Himmons said via video in accepting her award. She then thanked the crew and “an artist who has a real enthusiasm for what we do.”

“It’s been a long winding road,” says Lifetime Achievement Honoree Jim Brammer. He spoke of all the previous honorees who reached out to him. “I’ve had some great texts sent to me today from [Bobby] “Boomer” [Thrasher], Charlie Hernandez, and Ed [Wannebo who was present] spoke outside before …” then tearing up, he said, “it’s just a real humbling honor to be here tonight.” Pivoting he said he was discussing what he would say with his wife, she advised: “Don’t try to be too charming, too witty, and certainly don’t try to be too intellectual – just be yourself.”

What They Are Saying

“Terry, thank you and your team for having an event and platform that brings such an amazing group of people together. It was really inspiring and satisfying to be in a room with the innovators and the instigators that shaped the entertainment industry as we now know it. Congratulations. This year’s Parnelli Awards were excellent.” –Ed Wannebo, Production Manager

“Great job to all who put the show together. It was very entertaining and fun.” –Dave Shadoan, CEO, Sound Image

“From the moment my wife and I walked in the room I could tell that this was going to be special. Suffice to say that I left there feeling more energized than ever about my/our goofy beloved industry.” –Greg McVeigh, Guesthouse Productions

“Great Show and evening!” –Chris Weathers, VP Production, Live Nation

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The Parnelli Awards Crew.

“I had a fantastic time at the Parnellis. What a great evening. You guys really know how to put on a great event.” –Daniella Peters, Senior Manager, Production Audio, Harman Professional Solutions

“On behalf of my family and myself, I would like to offer my sincerest appreciation for your fantastic and flawless presentation of the 22nd Parnelli Awards this past Friday evening. You guys created articles, a video, and an entire evening that will be indelibly etched in my memory the rest of my life… and I’m grateful.” –Jim Brammer, Parnelli Lifetime Achievement Honoree

“Great show, thanks to all involved!” –Dean Roney, Solotech

“This year was a wonderful experience for first time Parnelli Award attendees. The team did a great job! I look forward to next year.” –Peter Hendrickson, Tour Tech East

“The most wonderful moment of my life!!! I am so thankful to have such good friends In this incredible industry. You helped make it clear to me last night that I must have made some sort of mark along the way and with that, I am deeply satisfied. Thank you so very much!” –Buford Jones, Parnelli Audio Innovator Honoree

The Parnelli Awards team is already looking forward to the 23rd annual event. For sponsorship information, contact Greg Gallardo at

The Winners





Rob Koenig Accepts Nook LD

Helen Meyer presented Buford Jones with the Audio Innovator Lifetime Award.






Ken “Pooch” Van Druten with the Parnelli Award for FOH Mixer of the Year.