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Shaun Clair Joins Parnelli Board of Advisors

March 17, 2020

LAS VEGAS – Shaun Clair, third generation member of the Clair audio family, has joined the Parnelli board of advisors. At 36, he is the Parnelli board’s youngest member. Shaun is the son of Troy Clair, Clair Global CEO, and the grandson of the late Gene Clair. Gene, with brother Roy, founded Clair Brothers in the 1960s. In 2008, the brothers received the Parnelli Audio Innovator Award.

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Shaun Clair, VP of Sales at Clair Global.

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Marshall Bissett, chairman of the board, states: “Shaun will be an excellent addition to our Board — he joins the long Clair tradition of previous honorees and industry leaders.”

Shaun started helping around the shop for the audio company when he was a kid. (Keeping with the tradition, his daughter, Bella, will start in the shop this summer.) From there, he worked in nearly all the departments through the year including the cable department, consoles and tour prep.

“My first big global tour of note was the 2007-2008 Police tour, where I was low man on the totem pole,” he says. “I worked with Charlie Hernandez and so many other great people doing whatever needed to be done. It was a great experience.” Today, Shaun Clair is VP of Sales.

“It’s always been a people-centric business here at Clair, and the people I’ve worked under over the years have always helped me grow,” Shaun says. “They are all like family to me. That, and audio talk always being part of the dinner conversation, has really made me appreciate it all. We are all incredibly excited to be part of this industry, and the future we see for Clair Global is to be focused on being a good citizen and collaborator.”

Shaun added that, as part of the Rock Lititz, the 96-acre campus in Pennsylvania that brings together the top production-based vendors of the live event industry, “we’re a small cog in the wheel, but we’re excited when it all comes together.” He adds that more construction is going on, increasing the campus by 25 percent.

As for joining the Parnelli Board, “I’m humbled to be a younger member of this long-standing organization,” he says. “I live and breathe this industry, and I look forward to contributing to the Parnellis.”