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Parnelli Support for UNLV’s Entertainment Engineering and Design Program Continues

December 16, 2017

LAS VEGAS – Since the Timeless/Parnelli PLSN/FOH Scholarship program was established in late 2006, more than 21 students in the Entertainment Engineering and Design program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) have benefited. Four female students and one male student were awarded the scholarship this academic year. The program is yet another reason to attend and support the Parnelli Awards, which will take place Jan. 26 at the Anaheim Hilton during NAMM 2018.

“Working with UNLV’s program to help create tomorrow’s live event technical stars has always been key to the Parnelli Award’s mission,” says executive producer and PLSN/FOH magazine publisher Terry Lowe. “We’re able to contribute to the success of students wanting to be in our industry, and we’ve always been proud of the support made possible by all gala sponsors and attendees.”

EED Students at UNLV in a lighting technology class this semester.

“The Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Engineering and Design (EED) was created to address the contemporary demands of the entertainment industry,” explains Nancy Uscher, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Fine Arts. The degree program provides an academic path for students who are interested in pursuing a career that combines engineering principles, new materials, emerging technologies, and traditional theatrical practices with the artistic demands of the entertainment industry.

The curriculum is inherently interdisciplinary and includes computer science; civil and structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering; robotics; acoustics; and live entertainment. It produces graduates who have a solid background in math and science capable of integrating the newest technologies into live performance with a sensitivity to aesthetics and an understanding of the arts.

“Industry support bridges academia and industry and can help facilitate the practical application of an innovative curriculum,” says Uscher. “Whether it is by financial support for scholarships and fellowships, or by donations of equipment or services, or by lending your expertise, it is vital for the industry to partner with UNLV. Together we can advance a best — or next — practice approach to help better prepare our students for the challenges of careers in the entertainment technology industry.”

“EED is a burgeoning program that has real potential to impact the industry in many exciting ways,” states Mike Genova, Entertainment Engineering and Design Program Coordinator. “The students who pursue the degree have been inspired by the performances and technologically driven spectacles that have enriched their lives. They are passionate about the arts and desire to touch the lives of others by developing and integrating new technologies into live performances.”

“Thank you for establishing this wonderful scholarship and all in your industry who support it,” adds Uscher. “You have created a lasting legacy and beautiful tribute to your friend and colleague, Rick O’Brien. I can think of no better way to honor his memory, while supporting students — future industry professionals — at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.”

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