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Joey Gallagher Joins the Parnelli Board of Advisors

April 17, 2020
Joey Gallagher Headshot copy

Joey Gallagher

LAS VEGAS – The Parnelli Board of Advisors announced that Joey Gallagher of Gallagher Staging has accepted a call to join the board. “Joey grew up in the business, and is extremely knowledgeable and experienced,” said Parnelli Awards executive producer and PLSN/FOH publisher Terry Lowe. “He’s respected by all, and his input and efforts to support the Parnelli Awards will be greatly appreciated.”

Joey’s dad, Joe Gallagher, has been in the business since he was a lighting tech at Showlites in the 1980s. Joe then started working for All Access Staging, where he worked his way up then moved on to co- found Accurate Staging. Joey Gallagher grew up in that environment and became a “serial entrepreneur” himself. Having owned a cellular tower business where he built towers up to 150 feet high, he became steeped in OSHA standards and all the related engineering safety protocols.

In 2011, the father-and-son team founded Gallagher Staging. The Southern California-based company has been wildly successful, receiving many awards through the years, including a pair of Parnelli Awards.

“Through the years, I’ve worn multiple hats. I’ve even had to jump in and weld in the early years and have always been involved with projects on the floor to managing clients and the business as a whole,” Joey said. “I’m most proud that we’ve grown to have a high level of personnel working with us. Our biggest accomplishments have been achieved by the people and products we invest in.”

The company has recently opened up a fourth office in Nashville, mainly focused on custom manufacturing. They design and build award-winning sets for many concert touring clients including Florida Georgia Line, Slipknot, Tyler the Creator, Shania Twain, Billie Eilish and many others. They are also prominent in other markets including corporate, studio, TV, and trade shows. Joey Gallagher is also the co founder of the Entertainment Industry Response (EIR), a collective of live event companies working to provide resources, supplies and crew in response to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

“It’s certainly an honor to be part of the Parnelli Board of advisors,” he said. “I just came off my first meeting call, and I was really impressed with everyone who was on the line. It’s wonderful working with a bunch of industry greats talking about how to honor our most prominent industry greats.”

Note: This posting was updated on April 17 from an earlier uncorrected draft that was posted in error.

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